Our Perspective

In feudal Japan, Samurai were a warrior cast who not only studied a variety of martial arts to survive (sword, knife, archery and hand to hand combat), but other refined arts as well (painting, poetry, tea ceremony). Samurai lived by a code of honour called, “Budo” or “The Martial Way” as they protected their Lord. However, when the Lord died, samurai were free to roam the lands to secure they own fortunes.  These masterless samurai were called “RONIN“.

Personnel at RONIN Consulting Services strive to secure our clients financial security by drawing upon our diverse skill set developed from over 30+ years of field related experience driven by our endless curiosity.  Our fascination with developing technology fuels our desire to stay current.  We have adopted the fundamental principles of Budo to ensure an efficient and ethical application of resources to facilitate your project and overall business success.


  •  To quickly recognize and resolve technical wrinkles efficiently with effective hardware and software solutions.
  •  To remove both the mystery and misery of technology integration with personalized training.
  •  To exploit your company’s competitive edge by integrating the latest tools and knowledge.